Daily Money Management for Legal, Financial and Care Management Professionals

black millennial business womanIf you’re a care management professional, legal or financial advisor or other service provider for seniors or families, disorganization can halt your efforts and make your job harder than it needs to be.  We can help by assisting your clients in managing, tracking and organizing their day to day finances and paperwork.  This will free your time to address their primary goals. You’ll be able to focus on the “real” work without feeling bogged down by missing information, scattered records, or forgotten details.

For more than a decade, we have specialized in handling complex financial and administrative tasks, often while partnering with other professionals. We work with your needs as a service provider in mind, as well as those of your client.

Liberty Paperwork Solutions can:

    • Track and organize backlogged paperwork (bills, credit card statements, bank records, insurance documents and more)
    • Manage and ensure on-time payment of routine bills
    • Catalog assets and personal belongings
    • Compile and organize tax documents, including back taxes
    • General expense tracking and budgeting
    • Track charitable donations and other tax deductible activity by your client
    • Submit and track medical insurance claims
    • Manage health insurance billing issues related to doctor’s visitors, hospital stays, medication costs and more
    • Monitor statements and accounts to protect your client against financial abuse and fraud
    • Provide your client with detailed monthly statements for all of the above

All information is kept strictly confidential

Contact us today to discuss how we can help make your work easier. All information is kept confidential. We’re here to help.

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