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Is Automatic Bill Payment Right for You?

Automatic bill payment allows you to transfer money from your bank account, credit union or credit card to a creditor, service provider or other vendor without having to initiate the payment yourself. Automatic payments can usually be set for whatever time frame a bill is due – weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annually. If you

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Top Millennial Financial Pitfalls

Many of us who are caring for elderly parents are also navigating the challenges of our millennial children.  Today’s financial landscape for millennials is very different from our own and we may, unknowingly, be steering them in the wrong direction. direction. Stefanie O’Connell, author of The Broke and Beautiful Life, and Chelsea Fagan of The Financial Diet share their advice

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The best activities for seniors

37 Great Activities for Seniors

Finding great activities to do as a senior isn’t always easy. Below is a comprehensive list of all the best activities we know. Everything is divided between indoor and outdoor activities to make it easier to find something that suits your needs. Here’s the full list of activities: The Best Outdoor Activities for Seniors: Walking Going on a walk is great

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