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Working with Emily to manage our elderly dad’s financial life has been a pleasure.  She comes through in a pinch with flying colors.  Her cheerful attitude, attention to detail and trustworthiness has made life easier for our whole family.”

Kathy H., PA

“I was very concerned about giving financial control to somebody, but now I am completely comfortable with the process.  Emily’s team is completely reliable and trustworthy. The bills were paid on time and the finances were all organized, but what I found most helpful was Emily’s willingness to answer all of my questions, even when I’m sure I just wanted the reassurance that the finances were in order. Liberty Paperwork Solutions gets my highest recommendation.  It has really changed my life.”

Brad K., NJ

“Emily was recommended by a very trusted source as a resource to help my 85-year-old mother organize her financial records and pay her monthly bills. I was initially a little concerned about anyone having access to my mother’s banking and investment accounts, but Emily put those concerns to rest. She did an excellent job of organizing my mother’s records and sits with my mother several times a month to pay her bills. She sends me a detailed spreadsheet showing what has been paid from each of my mother’s accounts. She helped me get online access to my mother’s bank accounts so I can monitor them. She is very responsive to any questions I have.

Because I live in another state than my mother, working with Emily has ensured that my mother’s bills are paid on time and that we have an accurate accounting of her financial situation. I would highly recommend Liberty Paperwork Solutions and Emily Lutz! I trust her, but more importantly, my mother trusts her.

Marian C., MD

“Caring for a loved family member unable to manage financial matters can be overwhelming and challenging. Emily’s empathy and first-rate financial and management skills allowed our family to focus on our positive relationships with one another rather than issues of money management.  Emily’s thorough and resourceful support has meant so much to our family –  she has given us joy in our relationships and we could not have done this without her.”

Michele M., MA

“Emily was reliable and very pleasant to work with. She was referred to us by a family friend. She kept me calm and her work was exemplary. I absolutely would recommend her without any hesitation.”

Rosalind M., NJ

“Emily is the ultimate professional. She delivers expert results and does so in a personable manner. Emily and her organization are the ‘gold’ standard against which I judge all service providers.

Corinne C., NJ

“Wow! It’s been 2 years already! You’ve made our lives SO MUCH easier – I don’t want to remember what it was like before you joined us. Thanks again!”

Deborah B., NYC

“I had NO concerns about hiring Emily – as she came highly recommended by a trusted source. When I felt overwhelmed by financial paperwork, Emily would always say, “no problem” and then take care of it.

I would tell my friends to call her up in a New York minute and get going with her. She’ll straighten things out quickly & efficiently and you will be SO relieved.”

Judy H., NJ

“When I was initially looking for someone to help me with budgeting I was concerned that he/she might not be fully interested, caring, and easy to work with.  Working with someone on budgeting my money is a sensitive matter.  I needed someone to make sure I was paying my bills on time and was able to follow instructions as well as to stick to a budget.  Now I feel quite comfortable working with Liberty Paperwork Solutions. My relationship with Emily is better than I expected and I have been working with Emily on a weekly basis for over ten years now. Shows you how happy and satisfied I am.

Deb R., NC

“I do have concern about recommending someone to manage a client’s daily finances but having worked with Emily for over 3 years I feel very confident in her. Emily’s attention to detail, her prompt response to questions and request for information and knowing that she has developed a strong relationship with clients.

I recommend Liberty Paperwork Solutions because Emily Lutz is smart, knowledgeable and thorough. She puts client at ease and has them establish and maintain their finances in a professional manner and with good humor.”

Ruth R., NJ

“I have not and do not have any concerns about referring caregivers to Emily.  She is smart, compassionate, funny and extremely competent.  She makes people feel comfortable immediately with her down-to-earth demeanor. I have recommended and continue to recommend caregivers to Emily for years.  I trust her knowledge and most importantly, her character.  Emily keeps up with current technology and information and provides a wealth of helpful resources for her clients.

Deb D., NJ

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